Siyum in honor of Rav Grossman Monday April 23, 2018
8 Iyyar 5778
Today's Daf is Zevachim 10
111 days left until we start Menachos
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These shiurim were originally recorded on tapes and then encoded to mp3, wma and real audio files. The files were then resliced to one amud per file.

To download a file, you must RIGHT CLICK on the link and then select Save Target As... to save it to your computer. If you simply left click on it, the file will download to a temporary location and begin playing, but you will probably not be able to locate it later.

To download a whole masechta at a time, you can use the Masechta Downloader.

Brachos Shabbos Eruvin Pesachim Shekalim Yoma Succah Beitzah Rosh Hashanah Taanis Megilah Moed Katan Chagigah Yevamos Kesuvos Nedarim Nazir Sotah Gitin Kiddushin Bava Kama Bava Metzia Bava Basra Sanhedrin Makkos Shevuos Avoda Zarah Horayos Zevachim Menachos Chulin Bechoros Erchin Temurah Kerisus Meilah Nidah


Horayos Daf 2aMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 2bMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 3aMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 3bMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 4aMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 4bMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 5aMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 5bMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 6aMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 6bMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 7aMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 7bMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 8aMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 8bMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 9aMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 9bMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 10aMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 10bMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 11aMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 11bMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 12aMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 12bMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 13aMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 13bMP3WMAREAL
Horayos Daf 14aMP3WMAREAL